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Protect your shiny new iPhone XR while showing it off

BY STAFF WRITER • 12:00 PM, OCTOBER 26, 2018

The new iPhone XR sure is nice. With a large, drool-worthy Liquid Retina display, and a lightweight aluminum build sporting a bunch of new colors, they’re worth showing off. Unfortunately, they also carry a steep price. You’d be smart to get a tough case — but not one that obscures their beautiful design.

Each and every iPhone represents a careful balance of form and function, so it’s a shame to cover them up. Going without a case definitely allows the iPhone’s original design to shine through. But obviously, going bareback also proves way more likely to leave your pricey device scratched, dented or cracked.

With an all-glass phone like the iPhone XR, that’s an especially big risk. The best compromise is a case that’s protective but also basically invisible.

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